Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hello and welcome

Hello! Welcome to The Forest Door, a place to collect and share all of my ideas and projects. I'm a Polish graphic designer with too many ideas, hobbies, and a dangerous love of coffee. I have an obsession with The Golden Girls, design, illustration, and Studio Ghibli - in no particular order. I also occasionally make bad (or good, depending on your sense of humor) puns.

This blog was born out of a mission to make every moment in life fulfilling, productive, and inspiring to myself and others. It's also meant to be a sort of "written companion" to my Etsy shop ( where I make and sell handmade creations. Check some of them out below!

 Making things by hand is a passion of mine, one passed down to me by generations of family members all passionate about creating art in one form or another. I love to combine the things that inspire me with different mediums and share them with people all over the world. Etsy has given me a great outlet for that. I started my shop mainly as a side hobby but it's started to gain some unexpected momentum. The biggest shock was the reach I've experienced in the short amount of time my shop has been open - I've sold to people in Australia, South Africa, Canada, and beyond. What an amazing feeling, knowing that something I worked so hard on will be cherished and enjoyed by people all over the world. Now, I'm trying my hand at blogging because I just have too many ideas for things that don't necessarily belong in the shop! So, I'm here to share them with others and pass that inspiration onward. I hope to continue to grow my business and inspire others to actively pursue their hobbies or dreams. Life is just too short to neglect the things that make you happy.

Mainly I plan on sharing DIY ideas, recipes, and any design/art/craft inspiration I come across. No concrete schedule or anything just yet, just going with the flow and seeing where my creativity takes me. I have some fun things planned for future posts and I'm excited to get the ball rolling.  Pull up a chair, get comfy, and settle in for what I hope will be a pleasant stay :)


  1. Love your shop Karolina! Your figurines are so adorable